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Johnny Cage
Basic Moves
[Stunt Double] Mimic +
A yellow glow appears around Johnny, and for a time, he can send out yellow shadow versions of himse ...
String Move
[Fisticuffs] Fist Bump +
Johnny pounds his fists together and his hands glow yellow for a bit. During this period, his throws ...
[Stunt Double] Shadow Uppercut + [Preview]
[Stunt Double] Energy Bolt +
Johnny whips his hand around and flings a green bolt of energy at his foe.
Special Moves
Nutcracker +
Johnny channels some ki into his fist as he performs his Nut Punch.
Shadow Kick +
Johnny slides forward with a kick, trailed by green shadows.
High Forceball +
Johnny lobs a Forceball that has a higher arc.
Flipkick +
A shadow-trailed flipping kick attack.
Low Forceball +
Johnny lobs a trailing energy sphere at the opponent in a slight arc.
Super Moves
Kasting Kall +
Johnny performs an overhead stomp, followed by a roundhouse to the jaw, knee to the face, and a Flip ...

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