JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Movelist


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 Will A. Zeppeli
 Young Dio
Jonathan Joestar
Throw Moves
I will protect my father! (close)
An overhead lift with one hand followed by a slam to the ground.
Basic Moves
Hamon Breath
Increases Jonathan's Heart Heat Gauge manually for the duration in which it is held.
Command Moves
Tackle +
Short-range shoulder check that knocks the opponent for a loop.
Zoom Punch +/
Stretching punch attack. Light Attack hits as an anti-air, Medium Attack is straight forward.
[Level 1+] This is my final Hamon! +threeattacks
Exchanges all Heart Heat Gauge for a slight health restoration and a massive attack power increase. ...
Special Moves
Overdrive Barrage +/
A step forward followed by rapid punches. Ends with an uppercut finisher if power-up button is used.
Scarlet Overdrive +/
A short uppercut followed by a jumping flaming uppercut. Invincibility frames are determined by butt ...
The Sword of Luck and Pluck +/
A three hit sword combo.
Sendo Hamon Overdrive +/
Jonathan sends a wave of Hamon across the floor.
Super Moves
[Level 1+] Who'll be the last one standing! +
Jonathan spins with flaming hands and strikes the opponent, knocking them for a loop.
[Level 2+] Sunlight Yellow Overdrive +threeattacks
A straight kick followed by some smacking around, finishing with a massive rapid punch volley.

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