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 Will A. Zeppeli
 Young Dio
Will A. Zeppeli
Throw Moves
Pow! (close)
A gut strike followed by a kick.
Basic Moves
Hamon Breath
Increases Jonathan's Heart Heat Gauge manually for the duration in which it is held.
Command Moves
Low Contact Hamon Guard (in air)+
Will gets in a position as if he's performing a drop kick, but instead powers his feet with Hamon to ...
Spirit Hamon Overdrive (in air)+
Will glides through the air by hanging on a Hamon-powered patch of leaves(!?) Holding the button dow ...
Seated Jump ,//
Will tucks his legs in when he jumps in order to get a bit more vertical lift.
Zoom Punch +
Stretching punch attack.
Special Moves
Sendo Wave Kick +/
A leaping knee attack, that has invincibility frames from the start of the move to the peak of the j ...
Sunlight Yellow Overdrive +/
A multi-hit punch attack that knocks flying. If power-up is used, it not only does up to 20 hits but ...
Tornado Overdrive +/(air)
A leap into the air followed by a spinning diagonal kick. If power-up is used, Will finishes with a ...
Hamon Cutter +/(air)
A standard projectile, although more powerful attack strength makes more projectiles appear.
Super Moves
[Level 1+] This is Sendo! +
Will pops the opponent to the ground with a low kick, then charges up his Hamon and sends it through ...
[Level 2+] Hamon of the sun! Sunlight Yellow Overdrive! +threeattack
Will strikes at the opponent with his pinky. If he connects, he charges up his Hamon and delivers a ...

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