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Basic Moves
Sargon's Hat Stance
Zatanna dons her top hat and wand for a short time, removing her ability to jump, but opening up new ...
Special Moves
Arataz Evid (in air)
A dive kick that turns into multiple if it hits.
Itlum Kcik +
Zatanna kicks twice, then turns and kicks a third time.
Ytfif Owt Pukcip +
Zatanna blasts the opponent with playing cards.
Teppup Retsam +
Zatanna reverses her opponent's controls for a brief period.
Gniknil Sgnir +
Zatanna flings a metal ring at the foe. Tapping @term=up@ or @term=down@ will curve the projectile's ...
Erif Ssik +
Zatanna blows a kiss that turns into a firey cloud.
Ekoms Dna Srorrim +
Zatanna turns into a glowy outline and conjures two duplicates as decoys. By default, she is the one ...
Basic teleport. Zatanna's position can be adjusted by pressing @term=backward@ or @term=forward@ bef ...
Tropelet Tnief
Zatanna appears to teleport, but remains in the same position.
Zatanna levitates briefly. She can follow up with any of her air specials from here.
Super Moves
Avrah KaDabra +
Zatanna smacks her opponent with her wand, then levitates both herself and her opponent into a magic ...

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