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"Gods Among Us"
NetherRealm Studios
Guile (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
The strong will survive. The weak will perish. Which one will you be?
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Martian Manhunter
Basic Moves
Alien Malleability
For a brief time, all of Manhunter's basic attacks will be stretchy.
Command Moves
Air Dash (in air)/
Manhunter can dash whilst airborne.
Special Moves
Phase Charge +
Phasing flying dash punch.
Psionic Push +
Manhunter blasts the opponent away with telekinetic force.
Martian Grab +
Manhunter stretches his arm downward, grabbing the opponent by the ankles for a slam on the opposite ...
Alien Pillar +
Manhunter summons a burst of energy from the ground. Source can be changed with @term=backward@, @te ...
Phase Assault +(air)
Manhunter phases through the ground and comes back up with an uppercut. Tapping @term=down@ before h ...
Telekinetic Strike +
Manhunter summons a bolt of psychic energy from up above, at a downward angle. Pressing @term=backwa ...
Psycho Orb +
Manhunter flings a glowing orb onto the screen, which detonates after a few seconds. Distance can be ...
Super Moves
Son of Mars +
Manhunter starts with a stretchy double helix punch, and the two combatants are transported to Mars. ...

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