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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Basic Moves
Phantom Wraith
Zod calls forth a detainee of the Phantom Zone to float behind the opponent for a brief time. It can ...
Wraith Grab //+
The Phantom Wraith grabs the opponent and bites them before disappearing.
Wraith Slash
The Phantom Wraith slashes the foe.
Special Moves
Side Arm +
Zod whips out a pulse pistol and fires it.
Zod Charge +(air)
Zod flies across the screen to grab the opponent, then slams them to the ground.
Phantom Strike +
A forearm strike charged with Phantom Zone energy that knocks the opponent back.
Kryptonian Rifle +(air)
Zod fires a large pulse wave from a rifle. Pressing @term=backward@ or @term=forward@ before the bla ...
Ground Blast +
Zod aims his heat vision on a spot on the ground. Charging the move increases its duration and stren ...
General Parry +
Zod parries overhead and high attacks with a bone-breaking series of joint locks.
Super Moves
Galactic Destruction +
Zod races forward to grab the foe, then flies them up into space, smashing them through one side of ...

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