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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Basic Moves
Gotham's Gauntlets
Switches between Punch Blades and Electrified Knuckles. The Punch Blades do moderate punch damage bu ...
Special Moves
Bab's Bola +
Batgirl flings a bola to entangle the opponent and set them up for further pain.
Redemption +
Rush into a short auto-combo with knockdown.
Batarang +
Quick bat-shaped shuriken.
Bat Wheel +
Spinning carthweel attack that ends with a spinning backhand.
Bat Evade
Backward leaping somersault with massive airtime.
Dive Kick
Batgirl detonates a smoke bomb and travels downward at an angle.
Scatter Bombs
An airborne, shortrange projectile that knocks back airborne opponents and stuns standing opponents.
Flying Kick
Batgirl detonates a smoke bomb and flings herself straight across the screen.
Smoke Bomb +(air)
Batgirl tosses a smoke bomb at the ground and disappears behind it, then comes back above the oppone ...
Flying Bat +
Forward-leaping uppercut.
Super Moves
High-Wire Act (in air)+
Batgirl stuns the opponent with her Electrified Knuckles, then straps a grappling gadget to them. Sh ...

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