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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Basic Moves
Demon Stance
Raven's Demon Stance unlocks different special moves for a limited time.
Special Moves
Empty Void +
Absorbs projectiles and slightly fills up Raven's super meter.
Soul Crush +
Raven levitates the foe and compresses them into a ball with dark energy, which implodes.
[Demon Stance] Event Horizon +
Raven magically pulls her opponent toward her and shoves them away.
[Demon Stance] Negative Mass +
Raven conjures up a column of dark energy in the foe's general position. Tapping @term=backward@ or ...
[Demon Stance (Behind)] Dark Transmission +(air)
Raven disappears in a cloud of ravens and reappears elsewhere.
[Demon Stance (Front)] +(air)
[Normal Stance] Singularity +
Raven magically lifts up her opponent and slams them to the ground.
[Normal Stance] Shadow Raven +
A quick dark energy projectile.
Super Moves
Deadly Sin +
Raven uses a Negative Mass to transport the opponent to a floating, swirling dimension where they ar ...

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