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"Gods Among Us"
NetherRealm Studios
Vega (Street Fighter 4) says...
Stop twitching already! It just makes you even more ugly!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Basic Moves
Doom To All
Doomsday gains a temporary rocky super armor.
Special Moves
Supernova +
Doomsday leaps up and off the top of the screen, then comes back down with shoulder drop.
Upward Venom +
Leaping knee strike.
Air Snatch +
Doomsday grabs the foe out of the air and smashes them against his back.
Earth Shake +
Doomsday punches the ground, causing a small shockwave radius around him.
Venom +
Short-range shoulder charge.
Super Moves
Mass Destruction +
Doomsday grabs the opponent and lifts them overhead before slamming them into the ground behind him, ...

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