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Solomon Grundy
Basic Moves
The Pain Chain
Grundy grabs the foe and flings them into the air, then leaps up and slams them back down. This move ...
Power Chain +
Grundy picks up his opponent by the face and slams them, then punches them while they're down. Grund ...
Defense Chain +
Grundy grabs his opponent and drags them to him, then picks them up and slams them down hard twice. ...
Health Chain +
Grundy grabs the opponent by the leg and slams them once on each side of him. Grundy gets a damage i ...
Special Moves
Dead Air +
Grundy grabs his foe and flings them hard behind him, causing them to sail across the screen.
Walking Corpse +
Grundy approaches for a grab, then delivers a hard headbutt.
Cleaver Spin +
Grundy pulls a cleaver out of his back and makes a turning slash.
Swamp Hands +
Grundy stomps the ground and a patch of swamp water appears beneath the opponent, and they are attac ...
Grave Rot +
Grundy expels a green cloud around him, which delivers very low, unblockable damage to the opponent ...
To The Grave +
Grundy snatches the opponent from the sky and tosses them to the ground.
Super Moves
Grave Digger +
Grundy's walk speed increases and he gains Super Armor for a limited time. All of his attack options ...

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