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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Basic Moves
Nuclear Shells
The next blast from Lobo's shotgun (throw and super move included) does more damage.
Special Moves
Hook Charge +
Lobo slings his chain-hook into the ground (which can hit opponents) and shoulder-charges to its pos ...
Spin Cycle +
Lobo snatches the foe out of the air and swings them around before tossing them.
Space Hook +
Lobo whips out a chain and grabs the foe with the hook, pulling them toward him in time to get shot ...
Low Space Hook +
Lobo swings his chain along the ground to grab the opponent by the feet, them drags them to him and ...
Czarnian Toss +
Lobo grabs the opponent by the legs and tosses them high into the air and across the screen.
Pump Shot +
A shot from Lobo's shotgun that has more range than any of his command move shots. Quickly pressing ...
Super Moves
The Main Man +
Lobo whips his opponent with his chain, then drives onscreen with his motorcycle to hit them, knocki ...

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