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"Gods Among Us"
NetherRealm Studios
Dhalsim (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
O, Agni, please accept my humble thanks for the power you have granted me.
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Wonder Woman
Basic Moves
Style Change
Wonder Woman swaps between her lasso and her sword/shield combo, or vice versa.
Command Moves
Air Dash (in air)/
Wonder Woman can dash through the air.
Special Moves
[Lasso] Down Tiara (in air)+
Downward diagonal tiara throw.
[Lasso] Amazonian Smash (in air)+
Fist dive.
[Lasso] Demigoddess' Might (in air)+
Rushing air jab.
[Lasso] Straight Tiara +(air)
A projectile with a small hitbox that cannot be parried.
[Lasso] Bracelets of Submission +
A high parry that temporarily increases Wonder Woman's damage output.
[Lasso] Up Tiara +
Anti-air projectile.
[Lasso] Lasso Spin +
Turning upward lasso lash that launchers.
[Lasso] Lasso Grab +
Wonder Woman whips forward her lasso and pulls the opponent toward her to lash out with an uppercut.
[Lasso] Amazonian Uppercut +
Upward-traveling diagonal uppercut that hits multiple times.
[Sword] Down Shield (in air)+
Air shield toss at a diagonal angle.
[Sword] Shield Toss +
Decent-sized projectile that cannot be parried.
[Sword] Amalthea Bash +
Rushing shield strike, causes staggering. Amalthea was the foster mother of Zeus.
[Sword] Shield Strike +,(hit),
A swipe with the shield that turns into a parry if she is struck high whilst doing the move. After t ...
[Sword] Up Shield +
Anti-air shield fling.
Super Moves
Justice Javelin +
Wonder Woman smashes the opponent with her shield, then holds them in place with her lasso. Two Amaz ...

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