Injustice Movelist

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Universal Gameplay


Basic Moves
Fury of Krypton
For a short period, Superman's attacks do more damage and ignore armor.
Command Moves
Air Dash (in air)/
Superman is capable of gliding through the sky.
Flying Ground Smash (in air)+
Diving double-fisted punch attack.
Special Moves
Speeding Bullet / Flying Punch + [Preview]
Heat Vision +
Superman fires an eyebeam that sweeps the arena floor.
Super Breath +
Superman knocks the opponent away with his breath.
Heat Zap / Heat Vision + [Preview]
Low Scoop +
Superman sweeps the opponent with his hand, flipping them onto their back.
Rising Grab +
Superman leaps upward at an angle and grabs the foe if he comes in contact with them, be they on the ...
Super Moves
Kryptonian Crush +
Superman flies across the screen in an attempt to grab his enemy. If successful, he uppercuts them i ...

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