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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Basic Moves
Double Jump (in air)/
Batman can use his cape to gain more altitude whilst in the air.
Mechanical Bats
Batman surrounds himself with three robo-bats.
Bat Swarm +
The Mechanical Bats spin around Batman.
Release the Bats (air)
Flings the Mechanical Bats in the opponent's general direction.
Special Moves
Scatter Bombs (in air)+
An airborne, shortrange projectile that knocks back airborne opponents and stuns standing opponents.
Slide + [Preview]
Batarang [Preview]
Sky Grapple +
Batman fires his grappling hook up at an angle, and then slams the foe to the ground if he catches t ...
Up Batarang +
Batman tosses a Batarang at an upward angle.
Cape Parry +
Batman covers himself with his cape. If struck by most high or overhead attacks, he responds with a ...
Straight Grapple +
Batman fires his grappling hook at the enemy, and if he catches them, reels himself in to deliver a ...
Super Moves
The Dark Knight +
Batman tosses a gas-filled Batarang at the opponent's feet. Then, he presses some buttons on his gau ...

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