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Universal Gameplay

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Basic Moves
Solomon's Judgment
Lightning strikes Shazam's hands, temporarily boosting the strength of his punching attacks.
Special Moves
Atlas Torpedo +
Spinning air tackle.
Achilles' Clutch +
Shazam catches ducking or juggled enemies and leaps high into the air before tossing them to the gro ...
Power of Zeus +
Captain Marvel hurls a lightning javelin.
Herculean Might +
A short dash to a grab attempt, which if successful, is a jumping DDT with a lightning bolt from the ...
[Advancing] Mercury Storm +
Shazam phases into an electric storm which moves him forward or backward.
[Eluding] +
Super Moves
The Power of SHAZAM +
Shazam uppercuts the opponent high into the clouds and flies up next to them, giving them two hook p ...

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