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The Joker
Basic Moves
Joker's Wild /+
Joker's Wild is a parry that counteracts a basic attack by stabbing the opponent in the chest with a ...
Special Moves
Acid Blossom +
The Joker sprays acid from his boutonnière.
Crowbar +
The Joker swings his crowbar with an overhead arc, knocking the opponent down, then proceeds to hit ...
Laughing Gas +
Joker chucks a canister of gas with a lazy overhead arc.
Rolling Laughing Gas +
The Joker kicks a canister of gas across the ground.
Chattering Teeth +
The Joker tosses some wind-up teeth slightly in front of him, which detonate after a second. Traject ...
The Joker fires a long-barreled revolver. If delayed, it can be canceled by dashing.
Super Moves
Let's Be Serious +
The Joker starts off by throwing a pie at the opponent's face. As they struggle to get the pie off, ...

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