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Green Lantern
Basic Moves
Green Lantern's Light
Green Lantern summons his lantern to strengthen his attacks for a short time.
Special Moves
Oa's Rocket +(air)
A fast missile construct projectile. Air version can't be EX'd but flies downward diagonally.
Minigun +
Rapid-firing minigun construct.
Turbine Smash +(air)
Green Lantern conjures a construct of a jet turbine and uses it as a battering ram.
Lantern's Might +
Green Lantern catches his foe with the glow of his ring and slams them on the other side of him. Wor ...
Rocket Power +
Green Lantern summons two rocket constructs above him which fly diagonally downward until they crash ...
Super Moves
Beware My Power +
Green Lantern hops up and casts a glow of light at the foe, and if they are hit by this, they are tr ...

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