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Fatal Fury Series

a.k.a. Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special (JPN)
Rose (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
I'm so tired... I can hardly wait to relax with a nice bubble bath.
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Tung Fu Rue
Throw Moves
Sho Ha (close)+ [Preview]
[EX] Ressen Sho (close)+ [Preview]
Command Moves
Migi Kou Ryuu + [Preview]
[EX] +
Special Moves
Dai Sho Ha + [Preview]
Kensei Do Gan Ho ++ [Preview]
Kensei Senpuu Gouken ++ [Preview]
Sen Shippo +/ [Preview]
Do Gan Ho + [Preview]
[Breakshot] Ressen Kyaku + [Preview]
[EX] Kyou Ressen Kyaku (close)+ [Preview]
[EX] Kyou Sho Ha + [Preview]
[EX] Kensei Kyou Shou Ha ++ [Preview]
[EX] Kensei Senpuu Gouken ++ [Preview]
[EX] Kyou Geki Ho [Preview]
[EX] Kyou Sen Shippo + [Preview]
[EX Breakshot] +
Desperation Moves
Senpuu Gouken ++ [Preview]
[EX] ++
Super Desperation Moves
Chou Geki Ho +(hold) [Preview]
[EX] Bravo Ressen Kyaku + [Preview]

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