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Asura Cross
a.k.a. Blood Cross
"The First Contact"
Byulbram Creature
Zod (Injustice) says...
This planet will be mine!
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Fighter Select

Dee Dee
Basic Moves
Clinch)Rolling Back Slash (near)
Clinch)Pushing Neck Slash (near)
Low Kick
Low-High Kick Combo
Jump Spin Kick
Parring Slash
Parring Slash Combo
Right Slash
Slash Combo
High Kick
Spin Neck Slash
Low Slide Kick
Left Stab
Stab Combo
Stab-Fleche Combo
Front Kick
Dash Slash
Dash Jump Spin Kick
Assassin Stab
Back Jump
Back Jump)Flying Slash
Back Jump)Flying Kick
Front Jump
Front Jump)Flying Slash
Front Jump)Flying Kick
Vertical Jump
Neck Slash
Vertical Jump)Flying Slash
Vertical Jump)Flying Kick

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