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Universal Gameplay

Gameplay Systems
Air Turn
Pressing A+C while in mid-air will allow the player to change the direction their character is facing.
Pressing Down+A+C will perform a short forward jump. On startup, characters immune to attacks to feet and throws.
Instant Kill
If the player is at match point, accumulated at least 100 SP, and able to use their Persona, they are able to finish off an opponent regardless of remaining health.
Skill Attacks
Essentially, another name for special moves. These moves usually require a quarter circle motion plus a attack button. They usually have special properties not found in normal attacks.
Skill Boosts
Skill Boosts are enhanced versions of Skill Attacks. They are more damaging and/or given additional properties to their normal counterparts, but deplete 25 SP. They are performed using the same motions as normal Skill Attacks with the exception of an additional button.
Skill Points
In tradition with the Persona role-playing game series, Skill Points (abbreviated as SP) was a meter that was depleted whenever special skills are used. In P4:Arena, this gauge behaves similar to a super meter in many fighting games. Meter is a gained by attacking, defending, and getting hit. The exception to the rule is Elizabeth, who generates SP automatically at a constant rate. Skill Boosts, One More! Cancels, Guard Cancel Attacks, Instant Kills all consume a certain amount SP. Normally, the maximum of SP stocked is 100. However, when a character has taken a significant amount of damage, they will Awaken, which will partially replenish SP and increase its capacity to 150.
SP Skill Attacks
These are very powerful moves that require 50 SP to use.
Super Jump
Quickly pressing down and then any upward direction will perform a higher than normal jump.

Universal Moves

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