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Marvel vs Capcom Series

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Fighter Select
Crimson Viper
Command Moves
Optic Laser (hold),(release)
Laserbeam from her glasses, mimicking Cyclops' Optic Blast.
Focus Attack (hold)+,(release)
Special Moves
Seismic Hammer +/
Viper strikes the ground, causing localized damage.
Thunder Knuckle +/
A dashing electric strike based on button pressed.
Burning Kick +/(air)
Special version is EX move (uses 1 bar of Hyper Meter)
Super Moves
Burst Time +
Viper strikes the ground electrically, then rises up in flames.
Emergency Combination +
A quick rush combo of electricity and fire.
[Level 3] Viper Full Throttle +
Viper dashes at her foe and if she connects, crosses her wrists and drives the opponent around the a ...

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