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Marvel vs Capcom Series

Hawkeye (Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite) says...
Heh. Avengers, Defenders, Thunderbolts... I make ANY team better!
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Fighter Select
Rocket Raccoon
Command Moves
Wild Ripper +
Rocket charges forward with his knife.
Special Moves
Rocket Skates (air)+
Blasts Rocket in any direction quickly. Can be controlled with the directionals.
Spitfire (air)+
Rocket fires a blast from his plasma cannon.
Second Spitfire
A second plasma blast.
Tunnel Rat
Rocket digs through the ground and reappears elsewhere. By holding the Hard version, Rocket can inst ...
Pendulum +
A roped-up log swings across the arena in an effort to slam into the foe.
Oil Bomb +
Rocket tosses a red ball with an arc. Upon hitting the ground, it creates a puddle of oil, which can ...
Mr. Flapper +
Rocket stomps on the ground, causing a large bear trap to rise up and snap on the enemy.
Grab Bag +
Rocket lays a blinking, pulsating button on the ground. If the enemy steps on it, they are lifted in ...
Angel Gift +
Rocket lays a flashing button on the ground. If the enemy steps on it, a large boulder drops from th ...
Claymore +
Rocket lies a mine on the ground. If the opponent steps on it, it detonates, damaging the enemy with ...
Super Moves
Mad Hopper +
Rocket tosses a giant spring onto the ground. If the opponent steps on it, it launches them through ...
Rock 'n' Roll +
Rocket pelts his enemy with a chaingun, then blasts them with a charged Spitfire.
[Level 3] Rocky Raccoon +
Rocket presses a button, which causes a concussive trap to go off under the foe, burying them in the ...

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