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Marvel vs Capcom Series

El Blaze (Virtua Fighter 5) says...
Start running now!
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Fighter Select
Frank West
Command Moves
Knee Drop (in air)+
A straight vertical drop to strike with the knees.
Desperado Slide +
Frank slides across the ground.
Object Throw +
Frank tosses a random object.
Special Moves
Tools of Survival (air)+
Frank whips out an improvised weapon and strikes with it. The weapon is determined by strength and S ...
Snapshot (air)+
Frank takes a photo of the opponent, slightly damaging them and stunning them. Each photo increases ...
Hammer Throw ,+
A zombie attempts to attack Frank, and he Irish Whips the corpse at the opponent. @term=hatk@ versio ...
Bottoms Up +
Frank takes a swig of alcohol, temporarily increasing the amount of Prestige Points he gets from his ...
Giant Swing +
In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Frank grabs the foe by the legs and spins them around before throwin ...
[Skill Level 2+] Barrel Roll +
Frank performs a quick roll.
[Skill Level 2+] Roundhouse Kick +
Spinning hop kick.
Super Moves
Survival Techniques +
Frank deploys a juggling auto-combo using improvised weapons, which are determined by his Skill Leve ...
Blue Light Special +
Frank charges at the foe with a shopping cart strapped with chainsaws (and featuring many items insi ...
[Skill Level 3+] Funny Face Crusher +
Frank leaps skyward to place a Servbot head on his foe. He then Giant Swings them and tosses them, a ...
Tag/Team Move
Shopping Cart
Frank rushes onto the screen, pushing a shopping cart.

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