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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Throw Moves
Back Throw (close)++ [Preview]
Izuna Drop (close)++ [Preview]
Basic Moves
Guard Break (close) [Preview]
Projectile Break + [Preview]
Auto Guard [Preview]
Command Moves
Izuna Slash (in air)+ [Preview]
Double Jump (in air)//
A second jump in mid-air.
The Hayate Tricks ++
Hanzou immediately cancels out of any normal attack with a short pose. Can be used while crouching ...
Special Moves
MijinKakure-no Jutsu +/ [Preview]
Ninpo Koh Rin Kazan + [Preview]
Ninja Leg Lariat + [Preview]
Rekko Zan + [Preview]
Double Rekko Zan + [Preview]
[Hero] Koh Ryu Ha + [Preview]
Desperation Moves
Slice the Shimmering Light ++ [Preview]

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