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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Throw Moves
Back Throw (close)++ [Preview]
Izuna Drop (close)++ [Preview]
Tomoe Drop "Shiranui" (in air)(close)/+/+ [Preview]
Basic Moves
Guard Break (close) [Preview]
Projectile Break + [Preview]
Auto Guard [Preview]
Command Moves
Flying Monkey's Law "Karura" (in air)(wall)
A basic triangle jump. Karura is a Japanese demon based on the Hindu Garuda.
Art of Two-Stage Flight "Hien" (in air)//
A second jump in mid-air.
The Mystery of "Fraud" ++
Fake a special move. By holding different directions, Fuuma can fake the En Ryu Ha, Reppu Zan, Doub ...
Special Moves
En Ryu Ha +(air) [Preview]
Ninpo Furin Kazah + [Preview]
[Hero] Reppu Zan + [Preview]
[Hero] Double Reppu Zan + [Preview]
Desperation Moves
Exploding Atomic Crash ++ [Preview]
Fireball Slug Trick +++ [Preview]

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