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Universal Gameplay

Gameplay Systems
2D Gameplay

Both characters will be pushed back when two attacks collide in such a way as to cause a clash.
Crazy Death Blow
Supers can be executed when the life bar is low and flashing. With a full Hero bar, you'll spend the meter and perform an enhanced version of the super.
Dashes can be canceled by almost anything. Normals executed from dash will gain inertia. Backdashes have some invincibility.
Guard Crush
Certain normals will instantly guard crush if blocked. This state can be escaped by waggling the stick or backdashing.
Hero Meter

Hero Moves
Each character has one move that will automatically become enhanced when performed with a full Hero bar.
Juggling (light)

Mid-Air Defense
Many attacks can be guarded against in the air. You can attack in the air after recovering from air block.
Shot Break
Each character has a normal capable of destroying projectiles on hit.
Taunt (no effect)
By holding the joystick left, right, down, or neutral, you can perform various taunts and even fake dizzy. All taunts can be canceled by any move.

Universal Moves

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