Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) (DragonBall XenoVerse 2) says...
Ready to face the strongest being in the universe?
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Throw Moves
Big Ball of Violence (in air)+
Peacock and her foe become shrouded in a cloud of dust, with limbs flailing about.
Burlap Beatdown +
Peacock puts her foe into a sack and proceeds to stomp her foe.
[Level 3] Goodfellas +
Two of Peacock's goons, Andy Anvil and Tommy Ten Tons, join in the stomping action. After they leave ...
Special Moves
The Hole Idea +
A hole appears on the ground and Peacock jumps in. She then jumps out of the whole once it reappears ...
Fire in the Hole!
Peacock feints teleport and places a bomb her foes' feet.
Shadow of Impending Doom +(hold)(release)
Strength of punch button determines relative distance of item being dropped. Charging upgrades into ...
George's Day Out +
Peacock tosses a small bomb that slowly walks towards her opponent an detonates.
Bang! +
Peacock draws her revolver. Upon pulling the trigger, a flag that say "Bang" pops out.
Boxcar George +
Peacock sics a small go-cart-driving bomb at her adversary.
Peacock pulls out her revolver. A random blade protrudes out of the barrel.
George at the Air Show +
A small bomb flying a miniature biplane flies in an arc, exploding on contact.
Bang Bang Bang! +
Peacock fires 3 random projectiles out of her revolver. They can be either a baseball, a bowling bal ...
Super Moves
Lonesome Lenny +
Peacock places a gigantic bomb named Lenny on the ground. Lenny's HP will deteriorate on its own as ...
Argus Agony +
A mechanical bird head emerges from the top hat and fires a laser beam. Rows of eyes, creating a for ...

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