Skullgirls Movelist

Reverge Labs

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Universal Gameplay


Throw Moves
Widow's Peak (in air)+
Filia's hair transforms into a spider, and throws the victim into the ground.
Samson Cuddle +
Filia's parasitic hair, Samson, squeezes his and tosses away his victim.
Special Moves
Updo +
Samson launches Filia upward and drives back down.
Hairball +(air)
Filia rolls forward as Samson wraps her into a spiked ball.
Ringlet Spike +
Filia lies down, head resting on her hands. Her hair burrows into the ground and drills the adversar ...
Super Moves
Fenrir Drive +
Samson transforms into a spinning ring of teeth, launching Filia upward in the process. Filia sits o ...
Gregor Samson +(air)
Samson turns into cockroach and sends Filia flying across the screen.
[Level 3] Trichobezoar +
Samson's mouth gapes open and coughs out a hairball with teeth, skulls, and horns.

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