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Universal Gameplay


Gameplay Systems

Dramatic Tension
Basically Skullgirls' equivalent of a Super Meter. Meter is gained from attacking, blocking, and taking damage. This meter can be spent for using Stunt Doubles, Outtake, Co-Star Combos, and Blockbusters. Up to 5 levels of Dramatic Tension can be stocked up.
Life Recovery
After taking damage, a portion of their life is recoverable as indicated by the red bar. Characters will start recovering once they are tagged out and stop when the character is active on the screen.
Reaction Shot
Press any two punch buttons while blocking will push the opponent away.
Tag Battle
The player has a choice between a single character, two-character team, or three-character team. Single characters have greatly boosted health and attack damage, but receive no benefits from a tag team such as assists and life recovery. A three-character team is weakest in terms of damage and health per character, but has the highest health pool overall and versatility. Two-character teams are the intermediate between the single and three-character teams, having a moderate damage and health per character while still enjoying the benefits of a tag team.
Throw Tech
Press LP+LK during an opponent's throw attempt to escape a throw.

Universal Moves

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