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Street Fighter Series

a.k.a. Street Fighter vs. Tekken
Krillin (DragonBall XenoVerse 2) says...
Uh... my turn!?
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Cammy White
Special Moves
Cannon Strike (in air)+
Cammy drives down with a blazing foot.
Cannon Spike +
An awkward up thrusting anti-air kick.
Axle Spin Knuckle +
Cammy does a quick spin, then back knuckles out.
Hooligan Combination +
Cammy leaps forward and lands with a "Laser Edge Slicer" sweep if nothing is pressed.
Fatal Leg Twister +
Properly timed, Cammy can execute a throw out of Hooligan Combination. Against an airborne opponent ...
Spiral Arrow +
Cammy spirals forward with both feet.
Spin Drive Smasher +
Cammy does a multi-hit Spiral Arrow, followed by a multi-hit Cannon Spike.

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