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Street Fighter Series

a.k.a. Street Fighter vs. Tekken
Rolento (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
You have five seconds! Obey or surrender? Choose!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Throw Moves
PAC-MAN Attack (close)+
The Moku-Mecha grabs the opponent, and Pac-Man strikes them twice with his head.
Pac-Throw (close)++
As the Moku-Mecha grabs the foe, Pac-Man jumps out and beats on their head, before tossing them behi ...
Special Moves
Hip Attack (in air)+
Spins around and drops straight down to attack with the Moku-mecha's butt.
Pac-Dash +
Rushes the opponent for a body check. Holding down @term=anykick@ increases the duration and length ...
Flip Kick +
Standard backflip kick attack. Heavy version causes Pac-Man to fall out of the Moku-Mecha briefly.
Pac-Dot Attack +
Becomes Pac-Laser on full charge.
Pac-Laser +
Two overhead fist slams, followed by a double uppercut. Pac-Man then fiddles with the levers on his ...

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