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Street Fighter Series

a.k.a. Street Fighter vs. Tekken
Yamazaki (King of Fighters 2003, The) says...
You need to snivel more. Now, give me a big kowtow!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Steve Fox
Throw Moves
Gut Wrencher (close)+
Steve grabs his opponent and spins them to the other side, then jams his fist in their stomach to fl ...
Armlock Throw (close)++
Steve grabs his foes arms and snaps them, then performs a side suplex.
Basic Moves
Weaving A
Steve dodges away from the screen.
Weaving B
Steve dodges toward the screen. Opens up further attack possibilities.
Quick Spin
Steve spins around, dodging attacks and opening new attack possibilities.
Command Moves
Foot Stomp +
In the closest thing to a kick that Steve has to a kick in this game, he clomps down on the foe's fo ...
Chopping Straight +
Overhead punch.
Ducking Body +
Step forward and low hook.
String Move
British Edge +,
Special Moves
Flicker Stance +
Steve makes a motion as if he were scratching his stomach, which puts him in temporary "Flicker" sta ...
Sonic Fang +
Forward-moving overhead punch followed by an uppercut.
Peekaboo +
Steve crouches a bit with his hands up, changing up his punch options. Steve can move forward slowly ...
Swaying +
Steve performs a "come on" motion with both hands. If most physical attacks are attempted while he d ...
Ducking +
Extremely fast forward movement while ducking; opens up new punch options during movement.
Hellfire +
Becomes Hellfire Rush upon full charge.
Hellfire Rush +
A Hellfire to punch combo, ending in a powerful overhead that causes the opponent to spin vertically ...

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