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Street Fighter Series

a.k.a. Street Fighter vs. Tekken
Ken Masters (Street Fighter X Tekken) says...
Bring it on!
Let’s get this started!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Kazuya Mishima
Throw Moves
Double Face Kick (close)+
Kazuya grabs his foe and kicks them twice.
Skull Smash (close)++
A gut punch, then a slam to the ground head-first.
Command Moves
Oni Front Kick +
Straight knockdown kick.
Left Splits Kick +
Overhead electric kick with his back leg.
Right Splits Kick +
Overhead electric kick with his front leg.
String Move
Agony Spear
Demon Slayer
Flash Punch Combo
Left Right Combo
Twin Fang Stature Smash
Twin Fang Double Kick
Reign of Terror +
Demon's Wrath +
Rampaging Demon +
Special Moves
Mist Step
Crouching dash with follow-up options.
Spinning Demon
Low spin kick. Can be repeated a second time.
Spinning Demon Hook
Punch attack to follow Spinning Demon.
Rising Uppercut /
Quick-standing electric uppercut.
Dragon Uppercut
Leaping electric uppercut.
Slaughter Hook +
Uppercut followed by overhead punch.
Slaughter High Kick +
Uppercut followed by high turn kick.
Devastator +
Uppercut followed by straight punch.
Rising Sun +
Leaping spinkick with follow-up options if the @term=3kick@ or EX version is used. Additional kicks ...
Demon God Fist +
Becomes Devil Beam upon full charge.
Super Moves
Devil Beam +
Kazuya starts with two Demon God Fists followed by a Demon God uppercut to knock the foe into the ai ...

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