Mortal Kombat (2011) Movelist

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Universal Gameplay

Freddy Krueger
Throw Moves
Silence of the Damned /+
Freddy puts a finger to his lips to silence the foe, then turns them around and jams a claw into the ...
String Move
Kung Fu This Bitch ,,+
Special Moves
Glove Toss
Freddy flings one of his demonic razor gloves at the foe.
Freddy Fingers
Freddy sends a giant razor-clawed hand scrambling across the ground.
Nightmare Stance
Freddy gets down into a defensive crouch with one of his sets of claws planted in the ground.
Sweet Dreams
Freddy raises a hand and a small drop of green goo falls from the sky. Stuns upon impact.
[Away] Dream Shift
Poofs away in a flame, reappears elsewhere.
[Close] Hell Spike
Freddy digs his hands into the ground and causes spikes to come out elsewhere.
[Towards] Dream Shift
Poofs away in a flame, reappears elsewhere.
Super Moves
What A Rush ++
Freddy pops the opponent with a razor-claw uppercut, then as they get up, jams his claws into their ...
Fatal Moves
Tell 'Em Freddy Sent Ya
Freddy teleports behind the opponent and sticks his claws through their back and out their chest, th ...
Welcome To My Nightmare
Freddy summons a furnace, jabs his claws into the foe's throat and waist, and tosses them inside. He ...
Stage Fatality

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