Mortal Kombat (2011) Movelist

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Universal Gameplay

Throw Moves
Blood Heel +
Skarlet jams her tanto into her opponent's shoulder, slaps them on top of the head, and kicks them o ...
Blood Wheel
Skarlet jams her tanto into her opponent's shoulder, slaps their head to do a cartwheel over their b ...
Special Moves
Down Slash
Downward slash with tanto.
Blood Drop
Skarlet turns into blood and reappears above the opponent, leaping upon them diagonally to slash wit ...
Dagger Toss
Skarlet tosses two daggers. The second one can be delayed by holding @term=attack1@
Up Slash
Upward slash with tanto.
Red Dash
Skarlet runs toward the opponent, leaving behind a blood trail.
Red Slide
Slide attack.
Blood Ball
Skarlet slashes her own belly (damaging herself in the process) and throws a large wad of blood at t ...
[Diagonal] Air Dagger (in air)
Airborne kunai sling.
[Straight] (in air)
Super Moves
Blood Bank ++
Skarlet starts out with a spinning tanto slice and follows up with a palm to the nose, followed by h ...
Fatal Moves
Blood Bath (close)
Skarlet jams one tanto into the opponent's ear, then slits their throat, letting their blood spray o ...
Make It Rain
Skarlet stabs herself, turning into blood and moving toward the opponent. Four large red tentacles ( ...
Stage Fatality

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