Mortal Kombat (2011) Movelist

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Universal Gameplay

Cyber Sub-Zero
Throw Moves
Frostpunch +
Sub-Zero freezes his opponent, then punches them away.
Sub-Zero freezes his opponent, then runs behind them and kicks them in the back.
Command Moves
Straight Stab +
Untrue to its name this move is actually a low-starting, upward stab with the Kori Blade.
Ice Dragon +,
Spinning low kick followed by a non-spinning Shoryuken.
[Close] Dive Kick +(in air)
Drop from the sky with a nasty kick.
[Far] +(in air)
String Move
System Error
Two kicks and a Kori Blade swipe.
Frost +,
Low-starting upward stab with the Kori Blade followed by an overhead Kori Blade smash.
Blizzard +,,
Spinning low kick, non-spinning Shoryuken, then bash to the ground with an overhead Kori Blade strik ...
Special Moves
Slide across the screen and trip up the opponent.
Teleport (air)
Sub-Zero detonates himself, and reforms on the opposite side of the opponent.
Ice Parry
Sub-Zero gets into a defensive position and freezes himself; if the opponent strikes him whilst he i ...
Ice Ball
A burst of ice from the hands. On impact freezes target to allow further damage.
[Close] Ice Bomb
Sub-Zero fires a frozen bomb from his chest. Upon explosion, it pops up, freezes, and damages.
Super Moves
Cool Down ++(in air)
Sub-Zero starts out with his Divekick, then bashes the opponent in the back of the skull with an Ice ...

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