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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Shao Kahn
Command Moves
Hammer Sweep +
Low sweep with the Wrath Hammer.
Special Moves
Shoulder Charge
Kahn dashes forward and rams his shoulder into the foe.
Rising Emperor
Kahn leaps into the air to strike with his knee.
Hammer Toss
Kahn slings his hammer at the opponent.
Hammer Smash
Overhead Wrath Hammer attack.
Malicious Spear
Kahn crouches down on one knee and tosses a spear at the foe.
Kahn turns toward the screen and laughs.
Hammer Cut
Uppercut with the Wrath Hammer
Kahn busts out a scathing taunt.
Super Moves
It's Official +
Skull-shattering head stomp followed by a further skull-shattering headbutt.

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