Mortal Kombat (2011) Movelist

NetherRealm Studios

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Universal Gameplay

Throw Moves
Slither Throw +
Reptile climbs onto his opponent's back and performs a Tomoe Nage.
Close Force Ball
Reptile climbs onto his opponent's back and conjures a Force Ball, then lets it loose.
Command Moves
Sweep +
Reptile's Sweep is a low drop kick.
String Move
Hybrid ,+
Punch followed by a drop kick.
Swamp Strikes +,+
Hopping roundhouse kick followed by a rolling hop that ends with a stomp.
Special Moves
Force Ball / Slow Force Ball [Preview]
Quick Force Ball / Fast Force Ball [Preview]
Running Serpent / Elbow Dash [Preview]
Slide [Preview]
Acid Hand
Reptile pivots and strikes with an acidic palm.
Acid Spit [Preview]
Super Moves
Tricky Lizard ++
Reptile pokes his opponent in the eyes, snaps their neck, then kicks them in the gut.

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