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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Throw Moves
Choke Blade
Baraka lifts his opponent by the throat and extends his blades into them, then tosses them behind hi ...
Command Moves
Blade Swipe +
Baraka draws his blade and swipes it horizontally.
String Move
Tears of Pain ,+
Overhead punch, backhand, then upward and downward blade strikes.
Cut 'Em Loose +,
Simple two-hit blade swipe.
Double Kick +,
After smashing his knee into the foe, Baraka extends his leg out to deliver a second strike.
Special Moves
Chop-Chop Blades
Baraka crouches down with his blades extended and moves his arms in a scissor motion, ensnaring the ...
Flying Shard
Baraka scrapes his blades together, causing a friction projectile.
Blade Cyclone
Spinning blade attack.
Advancing, turning slash attack.
Mutant Blades
Baraka extends his blades and holds his arms parallel to one another, charging forward slightly.
Super Moves
Nail And Impale ++
Baraka stabs his blades into his opponent and lifts them into the air, then removes a blade from the ...

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