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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Throw Moves
Violent Spartan /+
Kratos lifts up his opponent and jabs them in the gut with his blade three times, then pulls the bla ...
Command Moves
Divine Lift +(hold)
Kratos uppercuts his opponent into the air with his blades; if @term=attack2@ is held, he will slowl ...
Olympic Blast
Straight kick.
Olympic Burst
Downward blade strike
Olympic Ascension
Straight blade strike.
Olympic Toss
Kratos jams his blades into his opponent's gut, turns around, and knocks them away with a knee strik ...
Special Moves
Hermes Dash (hold)
Kratos performs a shoulder charge that leaves a flaming trail.
Golden Fleece
Kratos dons the legendary golden fleece, and if struck whilst wearing it, counters with a powerful b ...
Head of Helios
Kratos pulls out the disembodied head of the Greek sun god and it conjures forth a blinding flash.
Apollo's Bow
Kratos pulls out a flaming bow and fires off two arrows.
Zeus's Rage
Kratos jabs his blade into the opponent's gut and pulls it out forcefully, bringing them to their kn ...
Super Moves
Nemean Cestus ++
Kratos whips forward his blades on chains and sticks the opponent with them. He then slides forward ...

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