Mortal Kombat (2011) Movelist

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Universal Gameplay

Throw Moves
Arm Wrench +
Kitana grabs her opponent by the arm, kicks them in the face, then flips them to the ground.
Fan to the Back
Kitana grabs her opponent by the shoulders and flips over them, then strikes them in the back with h ...
Command Moves
Fan Swipe / Fan Slice +
Kitana swipes out with her fan horizontally.
Uprise +
Shoryuken with a fan.
Fan Stab +
Kitana stabs her opponent in the gut with a closed fan.
Special Moves
Fan Lift / Upraise [Preview]
Square Boost (air)
Kitana uses her fans to send her flying across the arena, smashing into the foe with her ass.
Pretty Kick
Turning kick attack.
Fake Out Kick
Kitana starts out like she's going to perform the Pretty Kick, but instead just does a low kick.
Fan Throw / Ground Fan, Bladed Fans, Fan Toss (air) [Preview]
Cutting Fan
Two-hit fan slice.
Super Moves
Fan-Tastic ++
Kitana flings her fans at her foe to start, then teleports behind her opponent (using her Pixie Dust ...
Basic Moves
Rising Fan / f +
Kitana leaps and hits twice with her fans.

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