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Universal Gameplay

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Throw Moves
Mind Fling /+
Kenshi uses his telekinesis to throw his opponent a short distance.
Special Moves
Spirit Charge
Kenshi summons an astral projection of himself to shoulder rush the opponent.
Kenshi uses mental energy to deliver a short auto-combo from afar. In MK 2011, he summons an astral ...
Rising Karma
Kenshi's astral projection performs an uppercut with his sword.
Blade Reflect
Kenshi slashes with his katana, sending incoming projectiles back to the foe.
[Close] Telekinetic Slash
Kenshi's astral projection drops down from the sky for a downward katana slash.
Super Moves
Soul Blade ++
Kenshi flings his katana into the opponent, then Mind Warps next to them and pulls the blade out, sm ...
Fatal Moves
Split Ends
Kenshi telekinetically pulls his opponent toward him, then throws his katana so that it plants in th ...
Kenshi uses telekinesis to smash the opponent against the screen, leaving it with cracks and blood s ...

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