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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Throw Moves
Swing Fling +
Sektor swings his opponent around and flings them to the ground in front of him.
Sektor grabs his opponent and flings them to the other side.
Command Moves
Afterburn +
Sektor punches the opponent and a small explosion goes off, pushing the opponent back.
Knee Lift +
Sektor gets into a Muay Thai-like stance (although not completely) and he has a couple of new kick o ...
Sneaky Kicks
Toe Kick
Shin Kick
Special Moves
Chest Missile [Preview]
Flame On
Sektor fires a flamethrower from his wrist.
Rocket Uppercut (air) [Preview]
[Above] Upward Missile
Sektor leans back a bit and fires a missile straight up, which comes back down in the opponent's gen ...
[In Front]
Super Moves
Massive Missile ++
Sektor fires a missile at the opponent, then performs a Teleport Uppercut that shatters their jaw, a ...

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