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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Throw Moves
Get DOWN Here! +
Scorpion grabs his foe by the throat and tosses them in the air behind him, then sticks his spear in ...
Reel 'Em Back In
Scorpion grabs his foe by the neck, kicks them in the air, and then sticks them with his spear while ...
Air Throw (in air)(close)
Scorpion grabs his opponent in mid-air and spins them a bit before flinging them to the ground.
String Move
Two punches and a flaming uppercut.
Gravedigger +
Punch followed by a shoulder shove.
Doom Blade +
Double sword slice followed by Scorpion's Backflip Kick from older games.
Special Moves
Spear [Preview]
Demon Fire
Raising his hands, Scorpion summons the flames of Hell from the ground in the opponent's position.
Teleport Jab (air) [Preview]
Scorpion lowers himself to the ground and trips the opponent with his legs.
[ES Move] Flame Spear +
Scorpion's spear catches on fire as he throws it at his opponent
[ES Move] Hell Fire +
A slightly longer, more damaging Demon Fire.
[ES Move] Flameport +(air)
Scorpion performs a Teleport Jab that leads into a flaming uppercut.
[ES Move] Takeout +
A faster Takedown with a longer reach.
Super Moves
Scorpion Sting +
Knockdown jaw-shattering punch, followed by stomping on the ribs.
Fatal Moves
Nether-Gate (close)
Scorpion jabs his kunai into his opponent's chest and wraps the chain around their neck. A portal op ...
Fire Breath [Preview]
Split Decision (close)
Drawing a sword, Scorpion slices the opponent horizontally at the waist, then at the neck. He kicks ...

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