Mortal Kombat (2011) Movelist

NetherRealm Studios

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Universal Gameplay

Throw Moves
Back Crack / Back Breaker (close)(in air) [Preview]
Double Slam /+
Jax slams his opponent twice.
Multi-Slam +,+ [Preview]
Special Moves
Air Gotcha Grab
Jax reaches up and snatches the opponent out of the air, flipping them on the ground on the other si ...
Sonic Boom / Energy Wave
Jax whips his arm, firing off a wave of ki.
Gotcha Grab [Preview]
Fist Dash / Dash Punch [Preview]
Overhead Smash
A short hop ending with an elbow drop.
[Close] Ground Pound [Preview]
Super Moves
Briggs Bash ++
Jax grabs his foe and tosses them into the air, catching them on the way down to crack their back ov ...
Fatal Moves
Smash and Grab (close)+
Jax crushes his opponent's head with a clap of his hands. Then, Jax pulls the headless victim's arms ...

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