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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Throw Moves
Back Crack (close)(in air) [Preview]
Double Slam /+
Jax slams his opponent twice.
Multi-Slam +,+ [Preview]
Special Moves
Air Gotcha Grab
Jax reaches up and snatches the opponent out of the air, flipping them on the ground on the other si ...
Sonic Boom
Jax whips his arm, firing off a wave of ki.
Gotcha Grab [Preview]
Fist Dash [Preview]
Overhead Smash
A short hop ending with an elbow drop.
[Close] Ground Pound [Preview]
Super Moves
Briggs Bash ++
Jax grabs his foe and tosses them into the air, catching them on the way down to crack their back ov ...
Fatal Moves
Smash and Grab (close)+
Jax crushes his opponent's head with a clap of his hands. Then, Jax pulls the headless victim's arms ...

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