Marvel vs Capcom 3 Movelist


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Chris Redfield
Command Moves
Flamethrower / Flame Thrower +(hold)
Chris uses a flamethrower to scorch his foe.
Special Moves
Prone Position +
Chris lies low, gun pointing forward.
Grenade Throw +
Chris drops or tosses one of his carried explosives.
Combination Punch +
A string of bare knuckle blows.
Gun Fire +
Chris unloads with one of his many sidearms.
Super Moves
Sweep Combo +
Chris uses all his equipment in a quick combo.
Grenade Launcher +
Chris fires a variety of munitions from his launcher.
[Level 3] Satellite Laser +
Hold L, M, or H to adjust starting range. Aim reticle press any attack for up to 3 shots.

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