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Fighter Select
Super Skrull
Special Moves
Meteor Smash +
Teleports up and slams down to the ground.
Rapid stone fists stretched out in a chosen direction.
Elastic Slam +
Reaches out (close, far, anti air) and slams the opponent repeatedly.
Orbital Grudge +
Twirls with flaming fists of stone.
Fatal Buster +
Super Skrull follows up Orbital Grudge with a flaming uppercut.
Super Moves
Inferno +
A huge flaming burst exploded out in all directions.
Skrull Torch +
Skrull ignites and rushes his foe. Player can redirect his trajectory during execution.
[Level 3] Death Penalty +
Super Skrull leaps in the air and slams his fists into this opponent. If it connects, he will pummel ...

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