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BlazBlue Series

Arc System Works
Vega (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
No one can stop my hunger for beauty!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Special Moves
Sticky Kitty! (in air)+
Taokaka clings to side of the screen. Must be in mid-air at the edge of the screen.
Cat Spirit Two! (in air)+(repeatable)
While jumping, Taokaka repeatedly slashes with her claws in downward motion. Can be repeated by tapp ...
Trick Edge +
Slashy-Slashy! + [Preview]
Kitty Litter Special! +// [Preview]
Cat Jump! +
Taokaka does forward leap. The arc of the jump covers more ground horizontally than a regular jump.
Cat Spirit One! +(repeatable)
Taokaka moves her arms in a rapid scissor-like motion with claws extended.
Cat Spirit Three! + (repeatable) [Preview]
Super Moves
I'mma beat the crap outta you! + [Preview]
Almost Becoming Two! +
Taokaka does quick dance and gains a doppleganger. Damage is halved but has high fixed proration and ...
Cat Person's Secret Art: Hexa-Edge +
Taokaka rushes at her opponent with a barrage of slashes.
Fatal Moves
Attack Meow Pow! +
Taokaka knocks her opponent like a pinball machine before being finished off by Jubei.

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