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Urien (Capcom Fighting Evolution) says...
Let there be light! Light for me alone.
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Litchi Faye-Ling
Special Moves
[hold rod] Tsubame Gaeshi +
Litchi throws her rod upwards. The rod will then slam down down in front of her.
[hold rod] Straight Through +
Litchi's staff wraps around her, guarding her from attacks.
Additional Attack +//
Litchi shoots her staff in three directions depending on button used. A version shoots upward, B ver ...
[rod planted] Reach: Last Chance +(air)
Litchi leaps on top of her staff.
[rod planted] Reach: Robbing the Kong +(air)
Litchi jumps towards rod and flings it at opponent
[rod planted] Reach: Kong on Kong +(air)
Litchi leaps towards her rod and uses it to spring towards her opponent.
[rod planted] Four Winds +
Litchi's staff spins around in blur before returning to her
[rod planted] Three Dragons: White +
a low-hitting sweep
[rod planted] Three Dragons: Green +(air)
Litchi performs an upward kick.
[rod planted] Three Dragons: Red +(air)
Litchi flips and comes down with an overhead kick
[rod planted] Kote Gaeshi /+
Litchi moves the rod forward or backwards, depending on the directional input.
Super Moves
All Green +
Litchi blasts her opponent with a pillar of fire. This move can be performed with or without her rod ...
[hold rod] The Great Wheel +(air)
Rod enlarges in diameter and flies across the screen. Holding different directions and hitting the D ...
[rod planted] Thirteen Orphans + [Preview]
Fatal Moves
[Reach: Last Chance] Nine Gates of Heaven

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