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BlazBlue Series

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Geese Howard (King of Fighters 11, The) says...
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Special Moves
[1 magatama] Kishuu +
An enhanced dash, this covers more ground than a normal dash.
[1 magatama] Guren + [Preview]
[2 magatama] Hotaru (in air)+
Hakumen does a upward kick in the air.
[2 magatama] Renka +
Hakumen does a low-hitting sweep, followed by a spinning back kick.
[3 magatama] Tsubaki (in air)+
Hakumen performs a spinning downward slash in the air
[3 magatama] Zantetsu +
Hakumen steps in with a big downward slash and finishes off with a low-hitting slash. First hit is a ...
Super Moves
[4 magatama] Kokuujin: Shippu +
Hakumen sends a shockwave across the screen. This attack becomes unblockable when fully charged.
[4 magatama] Kokuujin: Yukikaze +
Counter Super
[8 magatama] Kokuujin Ougi: Mugen +
For short time, Hakumen has unlimited use to special moves and supers.
Fatal Moves
[8 magatama] Kokuujin Ougi: Akumetsu +
Can counter any move exception projectile

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