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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Might Guy
Throw Moves
Primary Lotus (in air)(close)+
Spinning piledriver from the air.
Command Moves
Fighting Spirit Attack +(hold)
Guy stomps the ground, launching the foe high into the air if they are close enough. By holding @ter ...
[Gate of Opening Mode] Deadly Kick +
Backflip kick followed by a flaming diagonal dive kick.
String Move
Soul Rush
Standard combo until the 4th hit, in which it becomes a mashable rapid punch. Maxes out at 34 hits, ...
[Gate of Opening Mode] Burning Rush
Soul Rush with fire punches.
Special Moves
Gate of Opening Mode
Guy opens all eight of his Chakra Gates, causing him to gain a massive speed boost and change his at ...
Super Moves
Dynamic Entry ,
Flaming horizontal jump kick.
Yoruho'o ,
Guy catches on fire with a bird (phoenix, based on the name) shape and rushes the foe.
Rumored Endeavor Star ,,
Guy leaps high into the air and crashes back down on the foe with his arms and legs stretches out, b ...
Tag/Team Move
[w/ Kakashi] Copy Ninjutsu ,
Guy and Kakashi simultaneously perform Dynamic Entries - Guy engulfed in flames, and Kakashi surroun ...
[w/ Rock Lee (Time-Skip)] Hot-Blooded Dynamic Entry ,
Guy and Lee simultaneously perform flaming Dynamic Entries.

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